Candy Bomb: Early Access to Rainbow Finance to Win 30 million CANDY

April 12, 2021 UTC+8 — Rainbow Finance has rolled out the bonus game “Candy Bomb.” On a mission to drive mainstream DeFi adoption through gamification, Rainbow Finance is a decentralized derivatives platform based on vAMM, that brings the on-chain perpetual contract to every asset.

Candy Bomb allows players to mine CANDY for a limited amount of 10 million Candies per day and exchange CANDY for $RBT tokens, similar to a Bonus Game.

To start mining, players submit the wallet address. Once the player presses the button, the CANDY will accumulate from 0 and increase quickly. During the game, the system will randomly reset the bonus to zero at regular intervals. The game keeps going and scores to zero until the player releases the button. We take the player's highest score as the daily bonus, and the player's final reward is the cumulative result of all the daily bonuses.

Winner Notification:

To receive the prize, please follow the official Twitter of Rainbow Finance, join the telegram group of the project, and submit the form.

Get More Entries:

Set up an entry with your wallet address. Each time the user invites a friend who has not participated in the game can get one more game entry, and entries can get up to 3 times a day.


Rainbow Finance is a completely open, transparent, and innovative decentralized financial derivatives platform. Based on the vAMM (Virtual Automated Market Maker), it can bring the on-chain perpetual contract to every asset (digital currency, crude oil, gold, stocks, etc.) and provide unlimited liquidity, extremely low slippage.

Project Vision

Our goal is to create the world’s leading and most secure decentralized derivatives trading platform.

The peak trading volume of the spot market reached $72.9 billion in Feb.2021. Nevertheless, exchange users still suffer from fund security, market manipulation, high slippage, loss reduction, and even “drawing the net line.”

How to Solve It?

At its heart, Rainbow Finance seeks to create a perpetual contracts trading protocol that anyone can use. You will be able to trade with good liquidity and low slippage thanks to the innovative vAMM-based exchange.

FUND SECURITY:You are the custodian of your crypto funds.

MARKET MANIPULATION:On-chain trade date, open-source code, no betting exchange.

HIGH-SLIPPAGE:We use vAMM algorithm as a price discovery mechanism, which can provide unlimited liquidity, extremely low slippage.

LOSS REDUCTION/ALLOCATION:Unique token insurance mechanism, no position allocation, no loss reduction.

UNPLUGGING:Blockchain distributed accounting, unable to be manipulated.



First decentralized futures platform that supports mixed margin sources, cross-chain and social trading.